About us

About our company

Tango Telecom is a universal provider of integrated communication services since 2004. The company always fulfills client commitments, therefore, Tango Telecom proved itself to be a reliable partner.

We are proud of flexible corporate culture — our specialists welcome new ideas and easily adapt to changes. Our high-skilled engineers monitor and maintain every element of the network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The company is awarded with more than 20 special diplomas and gratitudes.

Tango Telecom is a part of the 2T holding company, same as Zlato Telecom, Сommon Information Service, SodBi Center, Clean Izhevsk, Povolzhye Telecom, and Moskva-Tranzit.

About our contact center

Tango Telecom contact center is an outsourcing high-technology contact center in Russia, founded in 2006. Our clients are more than 100 leading companies of different economic fields.

The company holds call centers in 6 big cities in Russia. Total employment is about 1000 operators. The system controls capacity and quality and integrates all the call centers.
We develop our own software called Contact Center 2T®, therefore, Tango Telecom can offer customized solutions for our clients.

Our contact center services are hot line, technical support and information service, telemarketing, telephone customer survey, contact base gathering, automatic notification, marketing and loyalty actions. We also develop client base (find new clients for you) and help you to stay in touch with your clients.

Our contact center helps you:

  • stay in touch with your clients,
  • hold effective marketing events,
  • work equally successfully in different cities and regions of the country,
  • increase your staff without hiring new employees,
  • divide important calls and e-mails among you employees.

Tango Telecom contact center is the first Russian outsourcing contact center developing its own software Contact Center 2T®.

5 reasons to work with us:

1. 7 years experience
We run our own stable business, therefore, we know how to help you in your company development.

2. 6 call centers in different regions in Russia
With technical infrastructure of our call centers we can implement projects for clients from all over the world.

3. We develop our software Contact Center 2T®
Contact center uses our own software that we adapt and improve for our clients needs.

4. Professional operators
Contact center specialists are trained in our training center.

5. Extra services
We structure and analyze mass data, create data bases and develop business processes and strategies with our clients on demand.